Lynnette Joselly: Oh Hellooo Eye Candy ! ft. Julian Morris

Oh Hellooo Eye Candy ! ft. Julian Morris

I am pretty sure this face looks familiar to you, whether you saw him on ER, Cry Wolf or Sorority Row. Or possibly it was on ABC's hit show, Pretty Little Liars, as Wren Kingston. Meet Julian Morris, a British actor, in which I think we can all agree.. is pretty hott! While we are all wondering if Wren is part of the A-Team or not, this hunk of an actor has posed nude for Wonderland Magazine. Check out a sneak peek above.... hmmm I wonder if he will be showing more when the issue is released. With that said, Julian sure knows exactly what to do that keeps his fans wanting more. "We want more we want more, because when you really like it, you want more!"