Lynnette Joselly: Andrea's Choice Dominique Spike Platforms By Jeffrey Campbell

Andrea's Choice Dominique Spike Platforms By Jeffrey Campbell

YouTube's Beauty Guru and Vlogger Andrea's Choice recently added a snapshot of some hot shoes. A lot of you have been asking where she got them and I've got the answer! She is rocking Dominique Spike Platforms By Jeffrey Campbell ($175). Towering black leather spiked strap sandals featuring a triangle cutout platform and chunky wooden heel. Adjustable ankle strap. Leather interior, non-slip sole. Looks insane paired with a vintage tee and skinnies!


  1. how do your dominiques fit.ive read many reviews about the pinky toe sticking out because the strap is positioned weird? is this true?

  2. i really want these! are they easy to walk in? i cant walk in normal heels but i can walk in litas just fine. How do they compare to walking to litas? help please!

  3. I own these and you will not be able to walk in them if you can't walk in normal heels because there is the issue with the strap and pinkie toe (I look past it because I love them too much and it's not so bad for me). They run large MAKE SURE you order a size down, unless you have bigger/wider feet. If your foot is loose in the shoe your pinkie toe will fall out!

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