Sneakers You Can Actually Wear To Work

When dressing up for work, majority of us ladies opt for the classic pumps or cute flats. But wouldn't sneakers be so much comfier? For those that walk to work, take the train as public transportation, or stand a lot at work, I am pretty sure some comfy yet stylish shoes would be nice. I have been doing some searching for you guys to help you find a fashionable sneaker you can actually wear to work. Your feet can thank me later.

Canvas Slip-ons
A surprisingly chic shoe trend for an instant cool-girl ensemble. Slip-ons serve as a sportier, much comfier version of flats.
Katlash by Sanuk, $75

Fun Print Fabric Shoes
Looking down at your shoes to see fun prints and colors on your feet will always brighten up your day! Fashion can be fun and comfortable at work too.
Vans Authentic Lo Pro Print Shoe, Floral $38; Herringbone Leopard $55

Black Leather Low Tops
Tis the season for leather! It is a trend the fashion industry has embraced enthusiastically. This shoe will give that every day work look an extra edge.
Faux Leather Sneakers, $15

Sneaker Wedges
Make sure you add these to your closet since sneaker wedges are definitely a must have! Wedge sneakers are all the rage right now and can be worn at work and while running errands.
Lace Up Tie Sneaker Wedges Faux Suede, $29

Metallic Sneakers
Stay on trend with metallic sneakers, they just might be your next go-to shoes. Make your feet the statement with flashy iridescent shoes.
Qupid Lace-Up Metallic Sneakers, $36

Glitter Sneakers
Turn a timeless shoe into a sparkling opportunity to dazzle. Glitter sneakers is one of the season's hottest footwear trends.
Keds for Kate Spade New York, $80

10 Annoying Things Guys Do That Drive Girls Absolutely Crazy

Disclaimer: The following list is not in relation to my boyfriend, just in case he is reading along, hi honey!

So whether you are dating someone or just hanging out, there are a few things guys do that can annoy us ladies. I have compiled a list of the top things guys do that may bother majority of women. Although it might be unintentional, it still drives us insane and it's perfectly ok to vent, they might even change their ways.

1. When you comment on how you find another girl’s physical appearance attractive. Listen if it's not Beyonce then we really don't need to hear that you think some other chic is cute, sexy, pretty, hot. We are not one the boys!

2. When you take up all the space such as the restaurant table or armrest at the movie theaters. We understand you are much bigger than us, but hey, we want to be comfortable too!

3. When you change the channel in the middle of our favorite shows to watch sports. Don't you dare touch the control during "Pretty Little Liars". Plus, the only thing that matters is the score in the last quarter or inning or whatever they are called.

4. When you leave us standing by ourselves at an event you made us join you. If it's not a couples date (sports, fishing, sports, did I say sports?) maybe it's best we stay home.

5. When you fart around us. That is not cute! It's nasty. It smells. Go to the bathroom!

6. When you don't text back right away. It takes seconds to text someone back, is this so unreasonable to ask? Nope, I think not.

7. When you 'like' pictures of half naked girls on Instagram. If you are dating, no need to make it known that you 'like' another girls goodies. Look but don't double tap, you don't want to come off as a thirsty dude.

8. When you blame our emotions on our menstrual period. Yes it might be true, but when you assume that's the reason, it just ticks us off even more.

9. When you tell us to 'relax' or 'calm down'. Can't really explain, just don't say it.

10. When you ask for nude pictures. Who raised you?

Don't see your pet peeve listed? Share below in the comment box.

3 Reasons It's Better to Work Out With a Group

I am pretty sure that being fit and going to the gym is most likely on top of the list for your New Year's resolutions. Well here is a little tip: you need to get involved in a group exercise class today. No not tomorrow, not next week, today! Whether it's at the park or in a gym, you will see people working out together. So you can either sign up to workout with a group in a studio class or just grab a group of your own friends and lets jump on this fitness wagon, the more the merrier and here is why...

1. Motivation: If you are anything like me then you may sometimes get lazy when you are by yourself in the gym. There is no one there to tell you to keep on going, and once you break that one sweat you might just get tired and give up. However, when you are in a group setting, no one really wants to be the last one. Although you should always go at your own pace, seeing others do better than you, because they are stronger and in good shape, will definitely bring out the competitive side in you and push you to do better.

I had the chance to test out ClassPass and all the amazing fitness studios in Miami from cycling, dancing, barre and many more. On top of the group motivation there is usually an active and cheerful (or strict) instructor there to guide you and motivate you to keep on going. Their job is to get you out of your comfort level and make you work for your desired fit body.

2. Accountability: I don't know about you, but I am not a morning person at all. However, there are times I sign up for early fitness classes starting at 7am that way I am forced to start my day early. I am holding myself accountable to wake up early and get to class on time. Some classes will not let you in after warm-up session, so you want to make sure you arrive and prepare for your workout in a timely manner. In comparison to the gym, since there is not a set time you need to be there you might just end up hitting the snooze button and miss out on gym time.

3. Social Opportunities: For those of you that are way too busy for a social life, well here is your chance. Get to know people in your workout group and maybe go on healthy lunch dates to learn about each others fitness goals. Whether you are single or not, it's always great to interact with new people for either personal or networking purposes. You never know who you might be working out next to. Keep your business card in your gym bag and run free, literally.

Photo Credit: Matt Roy

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