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I Washed My Body With Yogurt And Here's What Happened

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of AVEENO.

Did you guys know that yogurt is good for your skin? It's a hydrating agent that not only helps exfoliate your skin but also moisturizes your body. Oh and I am not talking about the benefits of eating it, I am talking about actually washing your skin with yogurt. Aveeno has a new collection of Daily Moisturizing Body Yogurts & Washes which include the nourishing ingredients found in yogurt to revitalize dry skin.

Outfit of the Day: Beige Linen Wrap Dress


So funny story about shooting this outfit of the day post. I drove about 30 minutes to my photoshoot location to only find out I left my camera at home. Luckily we found a spot with great lighting and pulled out the camera phones, yea baby! Ok so on to the actual outfit, I wore this striped wrap dress to a blogger event and received endless compliments. It's such a beautiful and flirty piece I got from Octer. I am so glad I got to team up with their website because the online shop combines a lot of department stores and brands making it so easy to browse clothing, beauty products, home decor and more! I was able to filter my search to narrow down the results to my favorite brands and specific pieces such as dresses, skirts, etc. Once I saw this Linen Wrap Dress by ASTR I knew I had to get it.

Outfit of the Day: The Floral Cut-Out Maxi


Who says you can't wear an outfit more than once? Egh, not going to lie I might have said that before. I mean, let's be honest, no one really likes to repeat outfits; especially if it was a great hit on Instagram. However, you can always rock it differently or maybe even wear it in a different state. No? Too much? Well I absolutely love this dress that I received from Romwe, but I wore it with a different hairstyle so it's kind of like a new outfit in my eyes. This time around I decided to pair the black midriff cutout dress with a pair of block heel sandals and a suede hat. I loved this take so much better so here's to repeating outfits!

Shop With Me: Flea Market Adventures + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Festival Flea Market and Bloggin Mamas.

I took a little trip to Pompano, FL to check out the Festival Flea Market with a few other bloggers. It's a huuuggeeee indoor shopping space that has just about everything and anything you can think of from designer jewelry, electronics, clothes, shoes, home furnishing and more. What once use to be an outlet mall has been transformed to a flea market with well over 500 shops and kiosks including a food court, a farmer's market and a salon. Talk about a one stop shop!

How to Color-Correct and Conceal Dark Undereye Circles


As a beauty blogger I really try to stay on top of all the trends. And lately I have been seeing people with what I thought was tribal face paint but is actually some makeup trick called color correcting. You have probably seen concealers in the colors of purple, green, white, yellow or orange. And you may think to yourself heyyyy no one is purple, well yes that might be true but these special colors are for covering blemishes. Picking the right color all depends on your skin tone and what your skin concerns are. Keep reading to find out more!