Lynnette Joselly

Motivational T-Shirts to Inspire Self Confidence & Empowerment


Let me start off by saying I feel so honored to be a part of such an amazing collaboration. Le Motto reached out to me to be one of the featured bloggers participating in the #ActuallySheCan campaign sponsored by Allergan and featuring the beautiful supermodel, Jourdan Dunn! The campaign is all about spreading motivation and positivity in a fashionable manner. With three different tanks featuring empowering quotes, we can now aim to empower others: "Less hesitation. More meditation."; "Less regret. More sweat." or "Less drama. More karma."

Summer Hair Trend: A Side Fishtail Braid


I have done a previous post showcasing a fun spring hairstyle of soft waves and short hair. Today I partner up again with Hair Cuttery to try out a fun hair trend for the summer season. Last time I focused on embracing short hair and this time around I show you a style for long hair featuring a side fishtail braid. To achieve this look I used clipin wavy hair extensions from my brand, Bella Kurls, to go from shoulder hair length to long locks in a matter of minutes!

The Tan Suede Skirt Trend


In collaboration with TOBI I am showcasing the tan suede skirt trend which made an appearance during the fall/spring season. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing it during summer. Whether the suede skirt is done as a mini or midi, the fabric really isn't that heavy and can be worn during the warmer seasons as well. As for the color, I have seen it in all shades of brown and should be used as a neutral because it matches with everything from solids to prints.

Kiss Your Mascara Goodbye, Hello Lash Extensions!


In collaboration with Amazing Lash Studio in Coral Gables Miami I would like to share with you a little beauty secret that all the celebrities are in on. I believe with a good mascara and freshly shaped brows, (or as the rest of society would say, "brows on fleek") you can naturally enhance your beauty without looking too done up. The only problem with that is you will have to wash your face off by the end of the day, and if your lashes are thin like mine, they practically disappear after the mascara has been wiped off. I have always wanted to be one of those girls that get lash extensions on a monthly basis but ya see now, the way my bank account is set up, it just wouldn't be possible. When I got offered a free set of lash extensions to review I was beyond excited to get beautified and even more excited to find out they have a lash membership in which I am still debating if I should join or not.

My Nighttime Skincare Routine | Get UnReady With Me!

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect

There are these days when your makeup just looks so bomb that you don't want to wash it off. But falling asleep with a face full of makeup is a huge no no. Do you know how clogged your pores will be in the morning? Let's not even mention how dirty those pillow sheets are going to get. Now a days getting ready for bed is a little more than just brushing your teeth adnd slipping on your retainers. I have teamed up with Neutrogena to share with you my nighttime skincare routine that includes a double cleansing method to give your skin the most complete clean!