What Men Really Think About Successful, Independent Women

I recently had a huge debate with a group of both men and women discussing why a woman's independence may intimidate a man. One of the main examples we kept referring to was Bill Clinton's cheating affair with Monica Lewinsky in the case that the President cheated on his well-established wife, Hilary Clinton. Was the First Lady too busy with her own work to pay attention to her man or is Clinton just a horny douche-bag? Keep reading.

The traditional man was raised to be the provider for the family while the woman is the primary care-taker of their home. When a woman makes her job her main priority, the fellas start to wonder who is going to cook the meals? Who is going to take care of the kids? Will she still be emotionally available for her man or too busy with work? And lastly, the question that may hurt their ego: Who is the breadwinner?

Now a days, there are a lot of independent women that have worked hard for their accomplishments. And it's safe to say that some women do not need a man, financially that is. However, for a woman to come off too strong may actually be a turn off for some men. Which explains why there are so many beautiful, successful and single women out there. Ladies let me tell you something, don't ever apologize for your success. But at the same time, if you do "want it all" and don't want to settle for less, you must be ready to juggle multiple jobs. I don't mean different 9 to 5s, but more referring to your job that provides you with income alongside your job as a wife/girlfriend, your job as a mother, your job as a chef and so forth.

To sum up, yes an independent woman may scare some men away. But as long as you give your man the attention he needs and hold down the household, you are a true boss and I applaud you for that! Plus, at the end of the day men are looking for both beauty and brains and good man will gladly and proudly support his woman with all her reasonable business endeavors. I might have opened a can of worms, but I am still interested in hearing your thoughts on this battle of the sexes, comment below.

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Best Tips On How to Wear Wide Leg Pants

I will always love me my skinny jeans but it's ok to change things every now and then. One of the latest fashion trends are wide leg pants also known as palazzo pants. The wide-leg trouser was a bit intimidating at first since I thought I was going to look like a hippie, however there is a way to style these pants and still look flattering. Even if you are a little short, I have put together a few tips to help you ladies pull off the wide leg pants fashion trend.

1. It's best when the flared pants hide your high heels. In my opinion the short ones look like high waters and a short hem is not cute.

2. Since the pants hide your legs, you want to accentuate the female body by defining your waist with a belt.

3. Balance out the heavy bottom by wearing a fitted top for a classic look.

4. Choose a style that flatters your body shape. If you are petite or on the short side, I recommend you pick out a pair of wide-leg pants that are form fitting around your hips.

5. Even though your shoes will be hidden, you still need to wear one of your highest stilettos that won't allow the pants to drag on the ground.

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10 Struggles That Only Curly Hair People Understand

I walk in the room and all eyes on me. I feel awkward that everyone is just staring at me, well technically my hair, but you get the picture. As you can see, I have big, curly, frizzy, poofy hair. I'll admit that there are times where I wish I had that beautiful straight hair like all the Disney princess, but then there are times, like now, where I embrace my natural hair and just let the poof go wild. Throw the relaxer away honey because being natural is "in" right now (heck, I believe it's here to stay!). As for this post, only my curly haired girls will understand me, I present to you, the daily struggles that only curly haired people will understand.

1. Regular battles with your hairbrush. Who wins the fight you ask? Well I end up with broken combs all the time, so you tell me.

2. Trying to make your hair look presentable isn't easy. Our curls have a mind of their own and trying to control them is nearly impossible.

3. Rain is not your friend. Whether you blow dried it or styled it curly, rain will in no way help your hair situation.

4. People will always want to touch your hair. And they don't always ask to do so.

5. You spend most of your money buying hair products. Anti-frizz, leave-in conditioner, sulfate-free, conditioner, curl enhancer, coconut oil, oh and did I say conditioner?!

6. When people with wavy hair say they understand the struggle. B*tch, please.

7. Trying to find a hair stylist that knows how to deal with your hair. I found a Dominican hair dresser and I hope she never retires.

8. Pony tails don't always work out for us. Try smoothing out all the hair bumps and tying your hair without breaking the scrunchie. Yet for some reason we always have a hair tie on our wrist.

9. You think twice about jumping in the pool or swimming in the beach. Your hair will just emerge into an afro if you don't have the right hair products with you.

10. You don't look forward to the day you have to wash your hair. Which is why you try your best to make that blow out or wash-n-go last a full week. Don't judge, the struggle is real.

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