Lynnette Joselly: VIDEO: Fashion Trend Clothing and Accessories Haul for Summer and Fall

VIDEO: Fashion Trend Clothing and Accessories Haul for Summer and Fall

I went on a huge shopping spree at Marshalls, MadRag,, local boutiques and more! I wanted to get casual and dressy clothing that matched the latest fashion trends for Summer and Fall. I have the tendency to wear things once or twice... three times the most if its a statement piece. So I wanted to be able to buy basics that I can definitely use more than once. To begin with, chiffon blouses have been trending for a couple of seasons now. The sheer trend is the perfect transition from Summer to Fall and even Winter! They can be worn with a tank underneath if you are not comfortable wearing the sheer blouse alone.

My favorite chiffon blouse from this haul has to be the skull print sheer blouse! And as you can see I got caught up in the buying frenzy of the skull trend with a cut out neon skull top and silver skull head bracelet that is perfect for stacking an arm party!

So far I have a few pair of colored jeans but had to own some animal print pants! I got a held of leopard print denims and my next animal print I am going to try out is snake print! Only a few can pull this daring trend off without looking tacky! But I am starting off small with the use of snake print pumps with a hint of neon. Check back to see how I am going to style my new items but in the mean time subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out my other videos!

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