Lynnette Joselly: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Face-Off Challenge

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Face-Off Challenge

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First and foremost, if you are going to bed without washing your make-up off then you must stop now! I know they say you have to look good when you go to sleep because you never know who you are going to meet in your dreams but... Rumor has it that if you don't remove your make-up these little white bugs will form on your face, reproduce and make babies and then create their own family right in your skin! Well not really bugs, more like acne, but you get the picture.

If you are too tired to get up and wash your face then you should keep these handy dandy Neutrogena® Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes by your bed. That way you can just wipe off all that makeup without any trace that can cause clogged pores and breakouts (in our case, the white bugs).

I participated in the Neutrogena "Face-Off" Challenge to see how well these makeup remover wipes work and it's safe to say that it passed the white towel challenge. After using one soft cloth (Warning: Graphic Material Below), it removed majority of my make-up, if not all. Although one wipe was pretty effective, I still washed my face with my daily cleanser and then dried off with a white towel. Voila! I would say only about .05% trace of makeup was left. Does your makeup remover pass the white towel test? Hmmm.. try it out!

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