Lynnette Joselly: Sally Beauty Supply Talks Texture: Natural Hair Tips & Tricks

Sally Beauty Supply Talks Texture: Natural Hair Tips & Tricks

I had the opportunity to host the Flaunt Your Look event at Sally's Beauty Supply in Miami, FL where guests had the chance to sample beauty products by Beautiful Textures and Dream Kids. A few of the products that were major hits at the event were the deep conditioner cream and curly control pudding. I even had the chance to chit chat with the girls to discuss natural hair tips and tricks. I learned that Beautiful Textures has a Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System that allows those with naturally curly/kinky hair to go from curly to straight and back and to natural, with no harsh chemicals, for up to six weeks.

Thank you to all those who came out to support and if you entered the contest for a chance to win all expense paid trip to BET Awards, good luck! I am keeping my fingers cross that someone takes me along with them (wishful thinking). If you took a picture at the event don't forget to hashtag #SallyTalksTexture. Stay tuned because I will be reviewing these products shortly!


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