Lynnette Joselly: Heatless Curls for Natural Hair Using Flexi Rods

Heatless Curls for Natural Hair Using Flexi Rods

I previously let you guys in on the secret to my big curly hair. And now I would like to share a different way to style curly hair using absolutely no heat. There are 6 easy steps on how to create heatless curls for natural hair using flex-rods. Keep reading to find out what curly hair products I used for this curly hair style.

Step 1: Don't mind the lion mane, I used a wide tooth comb on clean and dry curly hair, to comb out my hair to get rid of any knots. Plus it will make it easier for the new curl pattern to form. By the way, for that extra volume I use BellaKurls clip-in curly hair extensions.

Step 2: To slightly dampen my hair I used Beautiful Curls, Shea Butter Curl Reviving Tonic which is best described as a curly hair mist.

Step 3: Then I section my hair into 1 inch sections and apply GK Hair CurlsDefineHer Curl Defining Cream to help do exactly what the name says, define the curl. I love it because it doesn't weigh down my hair, doesn't feel dry or too moist, and smells amazing.

Step 4: I have a big head so I used quite a few sets of flexi rods (don't judge). To make sure the curls hold and don't just fall flat I used Extra Hold Hair Spray by Dove. You can either sleep, nap, read a book, whatever you please while you let your hair air dry with the flexi rods.

Step 5: Take off one flexi rod to make sure the hair is completely dry. If it's still a bit damp, leave them on for more time. When they are finally dry, I really doubt you want the fresh Shirley Temple curls so I suggest you carefully separate each curl section while also applying Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Ultra Nourishing Oil Treatment with Olive Oil for that healthy shine.

Step 6: I like to finish off by shaking my hands through my hair to give that extra umph in the roots, because you know the bigger the hair the closer to God. If you want to style your hair by pinning back a section using the African Pride Olive Miracle Silky Smooth Edges works like magic and will slick back those rough edges.


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  2. what size flexi rods did you use?

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