Lynnette Joselly: How To Refresh Curly Hair Without Water

How To Refresh Curly Hair Without Water

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Did you wake up with limp and lifeless hair? Looking for a way to refresh your curls after a long night of tossing and turning in your sleep? Every day after your first initial wash your hair gets frizzy and your curls will lose definition and flatten from lying down or working out. Typically, you should only wash your hair 1-2 times a week, so the goal is to revive your curls and go longer between shampoos. Here are a few steps you can take using Waterl<ss haircare products to help refresh your curls throughout the week without having to wash and re-style it.


Get great curls without having to use water.

Just a reminder we aren't going to use any water, meaning there is absolutely no wetting of the hair during this curly girl method refresh routine. How is that possible you ask? Well you need the right products to make sure your curls stay as glorious as they looked the first time you styled them. Waterl<ss haircare started with a small team of scientists in South Africa when the city of Cape Town announced it was 3 months away from running out of water in January 2018. With a need for products to enable greater stretches between wash days, Waterl<ss provided the women of Cape Town with an option when they had no choice but to not wash their hair. The lineup of Waterl<ss haircare created products that work on a wide range of hair types to give women clean, conditioned without using water.


Skip a wash to save time and save water.

Nobody has time to wash their hair every day... enter dry shampoo. Just like straight hair, curly hair certainly gets oily as well as product build-up over time. Heads up, not all dry shampoos weigh your hair down or leave behind that chalky residue. The Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo Foam absorbs oil and instantly removes buildup from thick or curly hair. In between styling it's important to keep your scalp and strands refreshed. I recommend spraying it into your hands first, then apply it to your roots. Rub your fingers on your scalp to create lift and volume by fluffing up your curls.


Give your curls extra moisture.

Curls tend to dry out between washes, so conditioner will add moisture back to those curls. To revive your curly hair, we are going to add moisture to your curls without getting them wet with the use of Waterl<ss Instant Moisture Dry Conditioner. This leave-in conditioner spray controls frizz and flyaways and moisturizes dry ends. I like to section off my hair and spray the product from root to ends to help nourish my hair. This has my curls popping throughout the week without looking frizzy and dry.


Refresh curls for second-day hair.

The final step is to use a curl-defining product to enhance the natural pattern. Work in the Waterl<ss Curl Milk from root to tip to refresh and redefine curly, coiled or textured hair. Plus, it’s paraben, sulfate and alcohol-free. You can either apply the product through scrunching or twirling the hair around your fingers as you go. You can air dry naturally or use a diffuser to achieve more voluminous curls. I'm always after volume and time is not on my side when refreshing my curls in the morning so a diffuser it is for me. I then follow up with fluffing my hair with a hair pick. When you reach your desired puff, you’re ready to head out and take on your day with bouncy, beautiful curls.

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