Lynnette Joselly: Clothing Haul : Papaya Clothing

Clothing Haul : Papaya Clothing

As you guys know.. I am a shopaholic. I am not a big fan of repeating the same outfit twice.. unless no one really saw me in it /or I am in a different state. lol sorry that is just me. Plus, that is the reason why I am always having eBay sales and donating clothes to Good Will.

Moving on, One of the main stores I shop at is Papaya Clothing. They have great items for such low prices. There is always a sale going on in the store and a lot of the other stores carry the same items, but Papaya sells them for $3-5 cheaper. And we all love saving money so be sure to check them out.

This is my most recent purchase from the store.

Original Price: 18.99 / Sale Price : 13.29

This is a navy striped dressy top.I love the back of this shirt.

Original price: 15.99 / Sale Price : 11.19

I loved it so much I also got it in purple, it is just a different color and different material.

Price : 15.99

I have had my eye on this shirt for a while so I just decided to buy it. I already have a couple of ideas in mind to style this shirt in many different ways. I am telling you.. olives.. is a must have these upcoming seasons.

Price : 11.99

As I mentioned in my previous blog post. I love floral print tops!! I liked this one because it was more dark colors, something a lil different.

Original Price : 18.99 / Sale Price : 13.29

I was so happy when this top went on sale. It is different and I like different. My little tutu top!

Price : 22.99

I saw this dress on a mannequin, and thought to myself not bad not bad, then when I saw the back... I stripped the mannequin down! This is actually another trend that I have noticed, bare backs with designs.

Be sure to check out your nearest Papaya Clothing store.

Miss Me!!

Lynnette Joselly

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