Lynnette Joselly: Make-Up Trend : Pink Lips

Make-Up Trend : Pink Lips

I have always seen girls wear bright red or pink lipstick... and thought to myself .... DAMN I wish I could pull that off! But hey! we all actually can! It just depends on how you wear the lipstick and what else you got going on.

The purpose of the bright lipstick is to make those luscious lips the focal point of your face. Meaning wear less eye make up. Best bet would be to wear black eyeliner and mascara. You don't want to add too much color to your eyes, because you might end up looking like a clown with all that make-up on.

Second tip, wear simple clothing. You do not want to be to matchy matchy now! Thats what abuelita does.. pink shirt.. pink pants.. pink shoes.. ayyy and those pink labios. Call the Fashion Police ASAP! I personally like to wear bright lip stick when I am wearing my little black dress, it is actually the perfect accessory.

Check out the hottest celebs rocking those PINK lips!
As you can see.. PINK lips look great on any skin tone

Miss Me!!
Lynnette Joselly

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