Lynnette Joselly: Dress for Less : Ft. Lance Gross and Rocsi Diaz

Dress for Less : Ft. Lance Gross and Rocsi Diaz

This past weekend Actor Lance Gross and TV Personality Rocsi Diaz hosted The 400 Club events on South Beach. Everyone is always trying to dress like the stars, but don't have the big money for it. Take this route and get a similar look to the stars for a lower price.

Get Lance's Outfit

Fellahs I know you think Forever 21 is just for females, but next time you go shopping with your main chic take a look around the store.With a white essential basic top, worn with creased denim jeans, topped with a stripe trim fedora and matching workman tennis shoes, you will look fresh to death without breaking your pockets. Oh and don't forget to add the gold bling and the reading glasses!

Get Rocsi's Outfit

For her birthday she wore a strapless lace dress. Lace fabric is both classy and sexy! Take a look at these custom fit black lace dresses with nude underlay. These dresses can be paired with nice black pumps and black or gold accessories.

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