Lynnette Joselly: Dress for Less : Kim Kardashian at Hot 97.

Dress for Less : Kim Kardashian at Hot 97.

Kim Kardashian wore this outfit to an interview she had with Angie Martinez at Hot 97 Radio Station in NYC. I have included a mixture of my favorite low price stores to get Kim K's outfit for a cheaper price. Starting off with a black blazer, the one Kim K is wearing actually has a suede collar and shoulders. Forever 21 has a similar blazer, however it is not suede it is denim. She is wearing a basic beige top with black bottoms and gold accessories. I thought the anchor necklace was cute, but any gold necklace with a big charm will do. The gold hoop earrings play an important role in the face area since her hair is up in a bun. And last but not least, her shoes were not photographed but my favorite pair of black shoes match with just anything and would look perfect with this outfit! (Side Note:These are the shoes I featured in my previous blog post)

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!