Lynnette Joselly: Fashion Trend : Knee-High Socks.

Fashion Trend : Knee-High Socks.

The knee-high socks trend was inspired by the school girl wardrobe. The length of the socks depend on your body shape. If you have big thighs, don't go for the thigh high socks, get the socks that fit right below the knee.If you are short, you don't want your skirt and socks to be so close together because it will make you look even shorter. And just to make this clear, I am not talking about gym socks here! Also avoid wearing the knee high socks with plaid skirts because then you would really look like a school girl. These socks are simple and cute and make your outfit weather appropriate. I personally like wearing them with oxford booties to give it a more vintage look.

Enjoy loves and don't be scared to try new things!


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