Lynnette Joselly: Event: Cam'ron Performance at Mansion Nightclub [VIDEO]

Event: Cam'ron Performance at Mansion Nightclub [VIDEO]

Killa Cam hosted Mansion Nightclub not too long. He tweeted that he was just going to go to party and not to perform. But once DJ LS ONE started playing all his hottest singles, Cam'ron couldn't help but get on the mic and rap along. He performed songs such as Suck It or Not, Down and Out, Dipset Anthem and more. As you can see in the video after he shouted out the 400 crew, we tried to get him to perform OH BOY! but he was getting a little tired of talking on the mic and wanted to continue partying. Cam'ron has been working on some other projects with his new hip hop group U.N. I would love to see a diplomats reunion, but if it doesn't happen I am still a fan... I really mean it...

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