Lynnette Joselly: Outfit of the Day : A Lace Dress & Red Lips.

Outfit of the Day : A Lace Dress & Red Lips.

What I Wore : An ivory lace dress (Motel) w/ a low scoop back and shoulder pads. Black accessories and red lips!

Summary : I absolutely love this dress because it is form fitting and I find the back of the dress to be very sexy. Plus I am obsessed with shoulder pads.. so that adds to the favoritism. This is the dress I wore to DOLCE when Tyrese Gibson was a host.

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  1. I have about 20 yards of frou frou to deal with.....a wedding dress for april 30. I shall muddle through with you! Now, if only I could've talked the bride-to-be into a less unfortunate fabric choice.....glitter is just so wrong. ;-)
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  2. I got what you mean , thanks for posting .
    Red lips