Lynnette Joselly: Street Chic ft. Danidaniramirez

Street Chic ft. Danidaniramirez

Meet Daniela (aka. NAny). She is from Caracas, Venezuela but lives in Miami, FL. She has a personal blog ( in which she shares her daily outfits. She reaches out to the Hispanic market and blogs in both Spanish and English. "I'm not a brand freak- I loving finding amazing deals and I prefer buying tons of items instead of a expensive one." Her mission is to let all the fashionistas know that we do not need to be millionaires in order to look like a million dollars.

90s Inspired
What She Wore:
Black flat hat (Forever 21), maroon plaid (Target), blue high waisted shorts (Urban Outfitters), shorts and a black top (Forever 21).

Fashion Business
What She Wore:
Black cage shoes (Forever 21),light pink oversized shirt (Furor Moda), heather gray chunky necklace (Furor Moda),and a black leather skirt (Thrift Store).

Feeling Bohemian
What She Wore:
A tan hat (Agaci), tan bag (Mimi Boutique), white top (JC Penny), black sandals (Nine West) and black maxi skirt (Forever 21).

Stupid Crazy Love!
What She Wore:
Green jeans (JC Penney), tan bag (Mimi Boutique), tan wedges (Xiomara Lisette), and a white top (Express).

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