Lynnette Joselly: Outfit of the Day: Pink & Grey.

Outfit of the Day: Pink & Grey.

What I Wore: Pink chiffon top (eBay-Japan), grey bodycon skirt w/ gold exposed zipper (Papaya Clothing) and Perforated Wedge Ankle Boots.

Summary: I saw someone created this outfit on Polyore so once I got the shoes I had to see if I can pull off the outfit. I have worn this blouse a couple of times now and I am absolutely loving chiffon tops! Side note if you saw me this night.. you can see I left the house with perfectly straight hair.. throughout the night the mini hurricane and humidity had my hair all frizzed out.. smh.


  1. Never knew pink and grey could go so well together.
    I just came across your website and "wow". You are so talented and creative.
    I've come to you for some fashion advice.
    I recently purchased a royal navy body con mini skirt which has a zip down the back.I also bought a pair of velvet,ankle booties/high heel boots with the zips on the sides. You know the ones that look like platforms?
    Anyway my biggest issue now is that I want to wear the skirt to my job's xmas party next week. I want to look classy but sexy because some of us do intend to hit the club afterwards too.
    So what type of top could I wear on the skirt and also what colour should it be?
    Also I am writing from the UK, so it is extremely cold right now I do want to be warm at least until I get into the club.

  2. Hey Beverly! Thank you so much for checking out my website! I would most likely wear the skirt with a long sleeve blouse.. most likely a chiffon blouse and leave the top buttons open to show some skin with a statement necklace... and since it is cold I would wear black sheer stockings with the skirt and booties. Just have a nice long stylish coat to keep you warm. Hope I helped! Enjoy!