Lynnette Joselly: LJ Attends Shecky's Girls Night Out

LJ Attends Shecky's Girls Night Out

I had a chance to work the Shecky's Girls Night Out in Miami and represent La Croix sparkling water. Shecky's creates social experiences that allow women to socialize with their girls. The event took place in the Art District in a show room that was four stories high. Each floor had different booths with jewelery, shoes, handbags, clothing, make-up, and cocktails! I was educating the crowd on sparkling water that has no calories, no sugar, no sodium and creating different mocktails for them to try out. After I was done... of course I had to go shopping! Check out the accessory haul below...


  1. Great pics and post! I actually just signed up to attend the San Francisco event in May, I am super excited this will be my first time!

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