Lynnette Joselly: Five Tips in Wearing Bronzer

Five Tips in Wearing Bronzer

Show off a sun-kissed appearance with a few makeup tricks by using bronzer instead of blush. Bronzer acts as a highlighter unlike blush, which gives your skin a pinkish tint. I have yet to perfect my technique of wearing bronzer but hopefully these tips can help both of us out. They are said to help us get the natural and beautiful look when using bronzer..

1. Choose 1-2 Shades Darker Than Your Natural Skin Color
The last thing you want is for your bronzer to look noticeable. It’s supposed to be a subtle enhancement, something people notice about you but can’t quite put their finger on. So, in order to appear natural, choose a bronzer color a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. This will create a subtle effect, rather than changing your skin tone completely or only having a tanned face that doesn’t match the rest of your body.

2. Use A High Quality Brush
This rule applies to foundation as well as bronzer. Although you may be tempted to purchase a less expensive makeup brush, a high quality brush can last for many months if you take care of it properly. A nice brush not only helps you to apply bronzer correctly, but it also reduces the number of bristles that come off of your brush. One trick to having your brush last a long time is to wash it with baby shampoo after every use to rid it of bacteria and have it ready for your next day’s application.

3. Kiss Like A Fish
Ok this advice may seem a little silly, but it works every time. You don’t want big rosy cheeks like Mary Poppins so you really want to aim for your high cheekbones when applying bronzer. By pursing your lips (or as I affectionately call it “kiss like a fish,”) you can better see your cheekbones to brush your bronzer on.

4. Apply It Last
Many people apply bronzer and then add powder on top if it. However, bronzer is a similar consistency to powder and can be applied last. Applying the bronzer last, over your powder, allows you to better see the effects of using it rather than having the color dimmed by a lighter powder over it.

5. Use (Almost) Everywhere
Bronzer can actually be used on more than just your cheeks. I always apply to my cheeks and then quickly brush the top of my forehead and my neck. This helps the color to blend better. If you’re interested you can also put bronzer on your chest to give the illusion of cleavage and even dab a brush on your arms to give the look of biceps. As you can see, it’s a handy product that can be used in many ways!

Source: Catherine A.| The Budget Fashionista

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  1. This was very helpful! I've been practicing using bronzer and well as trying to perfect my highlighting and contouring application.

    Thanks for sharing this!