Lynnette Joselly: Tips to Make Your Eyes More Seductive

Tips to Make Your Eyes More Seductive

Ladies listen up! Your eyes are one of your biggest assets and us females get the advantage to use makeup to enhance them. Here are some quick and easy tips to help make your eyes look more seductive when you are flirting with eye contact.

    1. Start with concealer to get rid of any dark circles and shadows under your eyes. And please note, do not rub the concealer. It is always best to pat it in to avoid getting any wrinkles.

    2. Apply eye base to prohibit any make-up creases. This will also help your make-up looking fresh all day.

    3. Choose three shades of the same color eyeshadow for a three tone effect. Be sure to choose colors that best match your eye color. Use the lightest color from lid to brow bone. Then use the slightly darker shade on your lid. Lastly, use the darkest color on the crease of your lid. Blend well to get rid of any sharp lines.

    4. Apply eyeliner as close to your top lash line as possible. For the bottom of your eyes only make the line from the middle to the outer edge then smudge it with your finger or a q-tip.

    5. Use a highlighter to make your eyes stand out by creating a v shaped design from top to bottom of the inner corner of your eye and blend in. The best colors for this would be a gold or pink since white might be too bright. Use the same shade to highlight your brow bone.

    6. Apply mascara for longer and fuller lashes.

Source: Kim Snyder


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