Lynnette Joselly: The Perfect Eye Make-Up To Enhance Your Eye Color

The Perfect Eye Make-Up To Enhance Your Eye Color

"What colors should I use to make my eye color stand out?"

For green eyes, using plum and purple shades will bring out the green in the iris. Use a mossy green eyeliner in the wet line of your eye to make the color stand out even more. Don't forget coat on mascara to your lashes and add a soft nude lip.

For blue eyes, rich brown shadows and liners look best. For the outside lash line use a grey, charcoal or black eyeliner to highlight your blue eyes. To go for the extra blue look use a sapphire blue liner in the wet line along the lower lashes and complete with dark black mascara. Use a pink or nude gloss on your lips for balance.

For brown eyes, soft, sheer pinks, and golds bring out the many dimensions of this eye color. When you use a dramatic eggplant on the eyes, don't forget to plump up your lips with a cranberry lip gloss.

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