Lynnette Joselly: Does Beauty Affect Self Esteem?

Does Beauty Affect Self Esteem?

Did you know that 72 percent of girls (ages 10-17) feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful? Only 11 percent of girls (ages 10-17) are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves.

I come from a big family in which I have a lot of younger cousins that I think are growing up way to fast! I was once their age, and I know exactly what they are going through. When I was in middle school, I always got teased just because I wasn't part of the popular group. My hair was frizzy, I use to carry a big old camping book bag, (twice my size) and my fashion.. egh.. wasn't all that cute. I was young and all I really cared about was passing quizzes and playing with Barbie dolls. I cried a little bit for being picked on, but I refused to let it control my life. Don't let these bullies get to you, be stronger than them.. without violence that is.

During a female's teenage years, I believe she is the most vulnerable she will ever be. If she lacks confidence in herself, she will do just about anything to "fit in". And with that I mean going behind your parents' backs to sneak in some makeup after you left the house to go to school. Furthermore, when there is no confidence in self beauty.. there is low self esteem, which usually leads to these young girls being manipulated by boys who are usually after that "one thing".

Please note that you girls are beautiful.. and always have been! You don't need tons of make up and "good" hair to be considered beautiful! Your inner beauty comes from your personality consisting of good qualities found in your heart.. not your body. Stop dreaming about turning 18 just to buy a pair of fresh boobs. Cosmetic surgery will not be the answer to your self esteem issues. True beauty comes from the process of building real self esteem without relying on what other people may think of you. This process includes self realization, self knowledge, self awareness and self respect. Wipe off all that heavy makeup and get to know your own unique beauty, embrace your flaws and appreciate all of it!

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