Lynnette Joselly: Staci Sherri Dream Catcher Collection

Staci Sherri Dream Catcher Collection

Do you ladies remember that fabulous jumpsuit I wore to the Blogger's Review at Dress to Kill Boutique? Well just in case you don't, click here to remind you. It was a colorful jumpsuit from Staci Sherri's Dream Catcher Collection in which she debuted at New York Fashion Week. I loved the designer piece so much I had to go ahead and show you more from her Spring/Summer 2013 line.

The presentation was hosted by The Fashion Gallery at the Helen Mills Event Space located in the heart of Manhattan’s Art District. The "Dream Catcher" collection was inspired by the Native American culture of hanging dream catchers by your bed. The fashion show featured lots of colors and prints on fabrics such as chiffon, charmeuse, lace and leather.

You can purchase exclusive Staci Sherri pieces at Dress to Kill Boutique. Stay tuned for more features on this designer! She is doing big thangs!

Photo Credit: FaceBook - Staci Sherri

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