Lynnette Joselly: GIVEAWAY: Back To School Beauty Essentials

GIVEAWAY: Back To School Beauty Essentials

Even though I am a college graduate I want you all to get in the back to school spirit. I already covered How To Organize Your Agenda and now it's time for the extra fun stuff, BEAUTY! Since I want all you ladies to look fabulous on your first day of school, I am hosting a giveaway for Back To School Beauty Essentials. You don't want to go too dramatic for school, so simplicity is the way to go to enhance your natural features. Check out the details below on the goodies and how to enter!


Mascara: elongate your lashes and make them stand out to avoid any dull eyes.

Eyeshadow: remember you are going to school, so only use neutral color eyeshadows.

Eyeliner: using a thin liquid eyeliner for your top lid will make your eyes look more awake for those days you will be pulling all-nighters studying.

Brow Pencil: brush those eyebrows and fill them in with a brow & liner pencil to get that perfect shape.

Lip Gloss: a simple lip gloss or a tinted lip shine will give your lips a natural shine.

Nail Polish: make sure your nails are freshly did with a bright fun color that expresses your personality.

Nail Filer: carry around a nail filer to touch up while your waiting for class to start (not during!).

Body Mist: since most of you have health and fitness classes, please carry around a body mist to stay smelling fresh at all times.

Hand Sanitizer: kill any bacteria after lunch and bathroom breaks!

How To Enter: Like LYNNETTE JOSELLY on FaceBook (, click "Giveaway" Tab and fill out form. Two (2) lucky winners will be selected at random on Sunday September 8th, 2013. I will notify the winner by email. Winner must then provide shipping address. This is a sweepstakes offered by and is not associated with FaceBook, NYC Cosmetics, Essence of Beauty or Wet n Wild. By entering you have agreed to join my monthly newsletter and will start to receive emails from Lynnette Joselly's Fashion & Beauty Blog.