Lynnette Joselly: Outfit Of The Day: Lion In The Woods

Outfit Of The Day: Lion In The Woods

What I Wore: Orange blazer (MadRag), lion graphic tee with glasses (Love Culture), black leather shorts (Tobi), beige buckled sandals (Forever 21) and beige clutch (H&M).

Summary: I am not a big fan of wearing t-shirts with jeans because it is just real simple to me and more for a casual day. Which is why I enjoy dressing up graphic tees by pairing them up with something edgy such as black leather shorts. I actually wore this outfit in Georgia, and as you can see the scenery was just beautiful. However, it's pretty clear you can't take the city girl out of me as I pretty much ended up hiking in heels since the lake houses had so many hills. Nonetheless, loved how the outfit came together with the colors and textures.

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  1. This outfit is awesome! Really diggin' the t-shirt and blazer combo you have goin on :)