Lynnette Joselly: Male Fashion: Pinstripe Tailored Suits

Male Fashion: Pinstripe Tailored Suits

Since we are still in the beginning of 2014, I am pretty sure some of you are actually working on your New Years Resolution if you haven't given up already. And since I know you fellas so well, of course you are going to have 'dress better' on your to-do list this year! Oh and if you don't, please do so! The ladies love a man who can dress well so why not try some of the hottest fashion trends this year!?

One of the male fashion trends you fellas need to try out is the pinstripe tailored suit. The best thing about this piece is that it will never expire; meaning this timelessness item can be worn year round, heck, it can be worn now and years to come! Well as long as you don't outgrow it... moving on... the key colors you should invest in are navy, grey and black. Don't be afraid to add a bit of pattern and variety to your wardrobe.

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