Lynnette Joselly: Outfit Of The Day: Plaid and Leather

Outfit Of The Day: Plaid and Leather

What I Wore: 'I Only Date Superheros' tank top (Forever 21), black faux leather shorts (Rainbow Shops), red plaid top (Rainbow Shops) and orange laced up booties (MMC).

Styling: I remember when I use to tie my sweater around my waist just because I didn't want to wear it anymore or hold on to it. Now the 80's have returned and are taking over the fashion industry. I decided to try the 'shirt tied around waist' fashion trend featuring a plaid print by pairing it with black leather shorts and a fun graphic tee. I chose orange laced up booties to add another bold color to my outfit. Have you wrapped any shirts around your waist this season?

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