Lynnette Joselly: Outfit Of The Day: This Is My #OOTD T-Shirt

Outfit Of The Day: This Is My #OOTD T-Shirt

What I Wore: #OOTD White T-Shirt (Lilly's Kloset), denim skinny jeans (Papaya Clothing), red bomber jacket, black bucked heels (MadRag) and black and white bag (French Connection).

Styling: I am a featured guest blogger for Lilly's Kloset and had a chance to get my hands on this t-shirt. I mean I think we can all agree it's a blogger must have tee! With all my #ootd hashtags on Twitter and Instagram I knew I had to get this top into my wardrobe. I paired it with jeans, black heels and layered with red jacket for a cute and casual outfit.

Photographer: Jasmine A.