Lynnette Joselly: What Your Ponytail Says About You

What Your Ponytail Says About You

So when I was a little girl I had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) to have the perfect ponytail, meaning no bumps, no frizzies, no loose scrunchies. If I ever saw a bump or it wasn't tight enough I use to start over and have mini temper tantrums. I use to love doing that exaggerated ponytail hair swing that goes from side to side as I imitated the popular girls as they walked down the school hallways. Fortunately for me I noticed my hair line receding and had to stop the pulling asap to avoid anymore balding. Don't make fun of my forehead (more like five-head), thank you very much.

As I got older I was embarrassed about my big ears so I didn't rock pony tails as much. However, after seeing celebrities such as Beyonce and Kim Kardashian style low ponytails I had to give the sophisticated hairstyle a try, big ears and all. Us girls love rocking different ponytails whether it's a low, high, medium, you name it we try it. But there is always that one ponytail we go to for when we want to hide our dirty hair, and below I have covered what your ponytail says about you.

The Medium-Height Ponytail
This is definitely the most popular ponytail since it's easily accessible. This pony represents a polished and feminine woman.

The High Ponytail
You are a party girl that loves to take risks in the beauty department. Please note, not everyone can pull this look off. Some of you look absolutely fabulous, while others may be trying too hard to look young or stuck in a different decade.

The Low Ponytail
You will find the sophisticated women wearing this sleek low pony tail with no flyaways. Most celebrities wear this look to the red carpet. The ones that opt for a messy or braided low pony are more of the free spirit ladies.


  1. Your ponytail looks amazing!And your forehead is very cute!

  2. A ponytail speaks volumes about personal style and attitude. You Can Use A high, sleek pony exudes confidence and sophistication, while a messy, low pony signals a laid-back, person's fashion sense and approach to life. It's a small detail with big personality.