Lynnette Joselly: How To Manage Your Quarter-Life Crisis

How To Manage Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Let's start off by saying I am beyond blessed to have made it to 27 healthy years of a beautiful life. But I must admit there are times that I am lost and confused with what my next move is. Or better yet, the big question, what is my purpose in life? I really felt like I needed some direction my last birthday, and I believe this time around, I have figured some things out but still not all of it. I am in the stage in life where I'm trying my best to manage a quarter-life crisis.

First and foremost, I try not to panic because I am pretty sure a lot people are on the same boat but they just seem to play it off well. During my early 20s, I just graduated college, did a few internships and landed my first job, which was all a good start to where I one day wanted to be. Fast forward a few years to my mid 20s, I find myself venturing out to different career paths. Not sure where exactly I want to put my focus on: marketing, event planning, fashion styling and the list goes on. Although I did not know my end goal, I sure wasn't sitting around waiting for the next opportunity, I was the one making moves. But my question is, was it the right move?

To this day I can say I have zero regrets for the decisions I have made regarding my career. I have started my own company, (well three to be exact) a marketing company, a fashion blog and a new invention. I've had many jobs where I was laid off for financial reasons and at the time I felt like a complete failure, which also had to do with me comparing my life to others. I've learned that everyone's journey is different and it's not a race. Although I am taking a huge risk by depending on only myself to make my company successful, I am excited and motivated to succeed, because that is the only option I am giving myself.

But it doesn't end there... then comes time itself. Not only do I need to manage my time to work but also time to travel, time to spend with friends and family, time to give back to the community. Because although earning an income is important to survive, we aren't living to work, but rather working to live. Life is short and you don't want to spend it all on the wrong things. I am still not where I expected myself to be 5 years ago, but I am working towards it and that's life. Till next time my loves.

Photographer: @WillyDade

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