Lynnette Joselly: Kim Kardashian Inspired: Midi Suede Skirt

Kim Kardashian Inspired: Midi Suede Skirt

It's a myth that celebrities don't repeat clothes because I have seen the social media queen herself, Kim Kardashian, wearing the same suede skirt multiple times. I know I know, this isn't the first time an outfit was inspired by Kim-K, but call me a Kardashian copy-cat, whatever! I love everything about this beige midi suede skirt and yes it's the same skirt I wore to my 27th Birthday Celebration. This time I decided to pair it off white a soft pink tank top and off-white shoes. Kim Kardashian wore it with a soft pink low-back one piece, but since I don't have any side boob action I decided to wear a regular cami tank. Have you been inspired by any celebrity fashion, if so, who?

Photographer: Jasmine A.

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