Lynnette Joselly: How Society Has Made Women Insecure

How Society Has Made Women Insecure

Unfortunately we live in a world where we are judged by our physical appearance. Whether it's good or bad, people will always have their own opinions and we have to learn how to not care about what others think of you. There is a chance you might start believing what other people say about you and loose your own self confidence. Being that we are all on social media, it's easy to fall into the trap of what society defines as beautiful.

Hiding Behind Makeup
I will start off this girl chat with the reason behind applying makeup. I'll be honest I love makeup, I am practically always in eyeliner and mascara, I spend hours putting on foundation, blush and all that good stuff. However, I think there is a big difference between hiding behind makeup and using makeup to enhance your natural beauty. I have seen some amazing makeover transformations from some talented makeup artist where the before and after is unbelievable and the person looks unrecognizable. At the same time I am not judging someone who puts on pounds and pounds of makeup, because I am one of those people, but I have learned that sometimes less is more.

The "Perfect" Body
I live in Miami, FL where majority of the women have cosmetic surgery from head to toe, we are talking about big boobies, butt implants, tiny waist, nose jobs and the list goes on. As I said before, there is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery for some enhancements and don't be surprised if I ever go under the knife in the future. Now here comes the however, we can all look in the mirror and start picking out whats wrong with us, or shall I say what we THINK is wrong with us. Small chest, fat neck, cellulite legs, crooked nose, and I can go on and on and on. Somethings can be fixed such as going to the gym and eating healthy to get the fit bod you want, then there are some characteristics we were born with that can be altered with surgery. If you start altering your appearance to where you are a completely different person, I honestly don't think that is how you will find the happiness you are searching for. We are more than our physical appearance, remember that.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
Now this is something I am guilty of. There are times I find myself comparing my journey to someone else and craving that successful and wonderful life I assume they have. Then I remind myself, this is not a race. People are most likely only going to post the good stuff going on in their lives, which is all we see. Please believe there is about 20 other photos that didn't make the cut before posting that one selfie. And that everyone is fighting a battle that we know nothing about. No one has a perfect life, what you see is not all there is.

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