Lynnette Joselly: How to Color-Correct and Conceal Dark Undereye Circles

How to Color-Correct and Conceal Dark Undereye Circles


As a beauty blogger I really try to stay on top of all the trends. And lately I have been seeing people with what I thought was tribal face paint but is actually some makeup trick called color correcting. You have probably seen concealers in the colors of purple, green, white, yellow or orange. And you may think to yourself heyyyy no one is purple, well yes that might be true but these special colors are for covering blemishes. Picking the right color all depends on your skin tone and what your skin concerns are. Keep reading to find out more!


I will be using the Maybelline Coverstick Corrector Concealers to show you guys how to color-correct and conceal those dark undereye circles. We all have blemishes and it's perfectly okay to hide them, I mean they aren't suppose to be there in the first place. Thanks to concealer, we are able to hide everything and anything from zits, dark circles possibly even some tattoos. Concealers may also be used to highlight your cheekbones and eyes. Now on to the meaning behind these colors to achieve an even toned base for flawless foundation application.

    Green Concealers: Green concealers are used for getting rid of any redness on your face. Since I tend to break out during that time of the month, I will be using the green spot concealer to remove redness from pimples and acne scars. But this color will also work for those who have red skin blemishes such as rosacea or hey even a sunburn.

    Yellow Concealers: This is probably the most common and used color because yellow is used for covering dark purple areas such as bruises, veins and of course under eye circles. It's just a great way to even out your skin tone before applying your foundation.

    White Concealers: As I mentioned before, concealers can be used to highlight and contour certain areas, the white color stick would do just that. I applied the white concealer on my nose, cheekbones and a little above my lip to enhance my cupid's bow. If you don't have white eyeliner, have no fear, this can be used on the bottom lid to make your eyes appear bigger and more awake.

    Purple Concealers: I didn't get the purple one, but a purple concealer would be used to remove any unwanted yellow undertones on your skin. So if you have a dull or yellow complexion, the purple would help color correct.


After all the face paint aka color correcting is blended in, you can apply your foundation and voila, perfection! If you ever need help remembering the meanings of the colors, just think of the color wheel and know it has to combat the color across it. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have used any of these color correcting concealers? Which ones are your favorites? Tell me in the comment section below!


  1. I have decided to step-up my make-up game and have been looking for products that I can start with. I believe concealers are a necessity in any kit and this is the second time Maybelline was suggested by a make-up artist like yourself. I am not a make-up artist but would love to learn and grow in my skills in doing it for myself and this post is very useful.

    Thank you :)

  2. Great tips! I need to try this soon. xo, sharon

  3. Great read! Colour correcting concealer can be so intimidating at first glance!

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