Lynnette Joselly: Dress for Less : Kourtney Kardashian at Mason's 1st Birthday.

Dress for Less : Kourtney Kardashian at Mason's 1st Birthday.

Kourtney Kardashian wore this outfit to Mason’s Circus Carnival Birthday Party this past weekend. Her baby boy just turned one years old! Happy Birthday Mason! She is wearing a sheer chiffon button down blouse with black harem pants. She adds some details with two belts, a red belt and a gold chain belt. The gold chain belt she is wearing is a Chanel belt, you can actually find one of these belts on eBay for a lower price, just all depends on how much your highest bid is. I told you guys chains were trending, just in case you missed my previous blog post, check it out here.She chose to wear flats instead of heels, probably because it would be easier to walk around with Mason at his carnival. I found these cute bow chained flats at Love Culture that they also sell in red with gold chains. I would personally wear red flats to bring out the red belt.

Enjoy Loves!



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