Lynnette Joselly: Get Waisted at The Viceroy Miami Spa

Get Waisted at The Viceroy Miami Spa

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Viceroy Miami.

After the Surfet Fitness workout, it was time to get pampered at The Spa at Viceroy Miami. I got dressed in my comfy spa robe and sandals and then waited for my massage therapist at the beautiful water lounge, and I mean beautiful. It consist of three jacuzzis, all with different temperatures: boiling hot, freezing cold, and warm. Switching from hot to cold is said to help with blood circulation for workout sessions, but I stayed within my comfort zone in the warm one. There is also a juice bar with complimentary coffee, tea and fruit infused water.

As for the spa service itself, I experienced the 'Get Waisted' body wrap with the focus being on my waist, get it? It consists of a stomach massage with body oils and then ends with a tummy wrap that works to tone and reduce bloating. Yea, I'll take that! The process takes about 45-60 minutes while the therapist massages your arms to reduce flabbiness and provides a neck massage to help you relax. And relax is exactly what I was! Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but stay tuned to find out how I closed out my spa day.

Photo Credit: Elite Karma Branding