Lynnette Joselly: Fashion Trend: How To Wear Thigh High Boots

Fashion Trend: How To Wear Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are very trendy for this fall/winter season. In which designers have included them in their fall/winter collections with a new twist of either mesh or lace up. They look amazing and there are so many combinations you can make with thigh high boots without looking like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman (aka a hooker).

I personally like to wear them with a short skirt or dress, but you can also wear them with jeans and leggings too. For this particular outfit I was styled in Eleven Seven by Danna Olivares. She paired the black dress shirt featuring a perforated faux leather top half with thigh high black lace up boots and topped it off with a suede black hat. How would you wear these boots? Do tell.

Photographer: @WillyDade


  1. Love your style looks easy and fashionalble...I am wondering why woman have so many problems wearing them! Is it a result of new religous puritanian behaviour. A little provocation should be always a part of fashion!

  2. Thigh High Boots are really tough to wear and also a long time. This looks good when you put on your feet with short skirt.

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