Lynnette Joselly: Healthy Mexican Food + The Best Guacamole in Fort Lauderdale

Healthy Mexican Food + The Best Guacamole in Fort Lauderdale


While everyone was worrying about Hurricane Erika taking over South Florida, I was too busy tasting the new menu featuring a selection of healthy and innovative Mexican dishes over at Dos Caminos located in the B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. I am normally not a fan of guacamole but there is just something about this freshly made to order gauc that had me craving more after one scoop. Oh and if you want to take your guacamole to the next level, maybe you should try adding sauteed grasshoppers into the mix, also known as Chapulines. Now that is definitely not my cup of tea but my boyfriend gave it a try while the rest of us gave him great words of encouragement. (Oh and no, he did not get any kisses from me after that meal).


The menu’s new healthy dishes were introduced to improve the perception that all Mexican food is unhealthy. With each healthy menu item SPE certified, the dishes are made using nutrient-rich ingredients and clean cooking methods.
Such as the Salmon a la Plancha in which the chef swapped out the quinoa for sauteed vegetables with a delicious tomato sauce. I'll definetly be returning for this meal especially knowing that I can enjoy a guilt-free dining experience. We also tried the Oaxacan-Style Shrimp Quesadilla that is best described as an amazing shrimp pizza and lastly the Carnitas Tacos where the meat is marinated in condensed milk (sweet!). All paired off with a margarita and a Corona beer. What I loved best about my experience, besides the delicious food that is, would have to be the service. I have been inspired to travel the world, test out new foods, and just live a little more! Plus the chef gifted me with a Dos Caminos Recipe Book including over 100 ways to chef up some tacos, did someone say taco night?!


Next time you are in Fort Lauderdale Beach, stop by Dos Caminos to test out their new menu! Let me know if you were brave enough to taste the grasshoppers!


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