Lynnette Joselly: Tea Party Ideas You and Your Guests Will Love

Tea Party Ideas You and Your Guests Will Love


Have a celebration coming up? Mother's Day, Birthday, Bridal Party or Baby Shower? Well why not celebrate whatever the occasion is with an outdoor tea party in your own home?! I wanted to treat the mothers in my family to something special. Instead of the traditional thoughtful card and taking them out to eat, I decided some quality family time would be more appreciated. Oh and when I put events together, I tend to go all out. From flowers to refreshments and a home cooked meal, this tea party is fit for any spring time celebration.


The Dessert Menu
In addition to the undeniable cuteness factor of these cupcakes, they are delicious and make for perfect dessert options for a tea party. The guests were anxious to try the desserts but it was important for me to take the display photos before digging in. The dessert menu consisted of Vanilla Cupcakes with Rose Swirls, Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes, Mini Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie Cups. They’re a great addition to the tables cape in bothfunction and fashion.


Creative Place Setting for a Tea Party
A big part of throwing the most perfectly charming tea party is the table setting. The presentation and decoration of the day is key to a memorable experience. I had a variety of dessert trays and stands with a chic flair that fit quite nicely for a tea party. Some vintage teacups and floral print plates make for a beautiful setting that your guests will enjoy. I didn't want to worry about cleaning too many dishes so I opted for plastic scalloped plates and gold disposable silverware. Lastly, layering doilies on some floral print napkins is a classic addition for tea party decorating.


Dress to the Theme
So pretty much I planned a tea party as an excuse to dress up! It's an elegant occasion so why not dress the part. This can mean a dress and heels or a dressy pair of pants with a nice shirt. Feel free to express your style while dressing to theme. I stepped it up a notch and asked the guests to accessorize with a fun hat. Some ladies came in big floppy hats others in wide-brimmed sun hats. If you want, you can wear a pair of white gloves to go along with your outfit and choose simple, elegant accessories like a pearl necklace.


Floral Center Pieces and Favors
The table scape isn't complete without gorgeous floral center pieces. Personally, when it comes to tea parties, the first thing I think about is flowers. Not only did I add some flowers, but also a party favor to the setting design to make it a unique experience. The guests were gifted pink and floral wine openers and spring time oven mitts.


A Photo Booth Wall
Now you don't have to go all out and rent an actual Photo Booth but people love taking pictures so a fun backdrop would do the job. My Skai Bear doesn't look like she was enjoying it much.


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  1. aw this looks like SO much fun! if I haven't read the post I would've thought you went out to have a nice tea party 😊