Lynnette Joselly: Dress for Less : Cool & Dre.

Dress for Less : Cool & Dre.

This one is for the fellahs! Step out of your box and try something new. This past weekend it was a lil chilly in Miami, FL. So stay warm and get the Cool and Dre look for a lower price.

I usually send you guys to 21MEN but this time I am going to send you to KarmaLoop. The prices are a little bit higher but they are great brands for lower prices.

Dre's Fit
An olive green parka jacket over a black fitted graphic tee with black skinny jeans. Dre's choice of accessories is what complete the outfit; A square wayfarer style shades and a red and black checkered scarf. Any black shoes would look nice with this outfit, but these soft leatherette shoes would be a great choice.

Cool's Fit
Cool went for the more simple look but still sheek. He is wearing a black essential basic top with black modern fit pants. He went for the all black look from head to toe, so high canvas black sneakers would be perfect! Cool brought out some contrast with the white jacket. And you cannot forget the aviator glasses

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