Lynnette Joselly: Event : Dre of Cool & Dre's Birthday Celebration

Event : Dre of Cool & Dre's Birthday Celebration

Cool and Dre are known to be the hottest duo of hip hop producers. Since they are based in Miami, why not go ahead and celebrate in the hometown. Dre's birthday celebration took place at Fever Lounge for a pre-dinner party followed by Mansion Nightclub on South Beach.

Happy Birthday Dre!

Terror Squad was in the building!

The lovely ladies and I at Mansion

In The Studio w/ The 400

If you would like to get on the guest list for In The Studio Thursdays w/ The 400 feel free to contact me.

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Random Fact : Cool and Dre are best known as producers, but they are also hook writers. Dre can actually sing the whole R&B record in which they do not need to bring in someone to sing the song. So the artists they do tracks for, Cool and Dre are represented in a hook. Read More at : www.LatinRapper.

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