Lynnette Joselly: The Guide : Principles.

The Guide : Principles.

"Our principles and values play a major part in defining who we are." We are all very different people. We have different values and opinions. What might be a big deal to me, might be something very small in your life. The way we were brought up defines what we consider to be right or wrong. Therefore we don't really have the right to judge another's moral correctness and principles.

Which leads me to asking.. do you know what your principles are? What are your boundaries? If you do not know what you want in life it will be easy to lose focus and step out of your boundaries. It is important to stand for what you believe in and do not settle for less. This does not only relate to relationships but jobs, friends, and life itself. You do not want to be in a relationship where you are unhappy because you are not following what you believe in. You do not want to take a job offer where you do not love what you do. You do not want to hang out with "friends" that bring you down.

Be you! Don't let someone's judgment easily persuade you. Stick to your principles!

Quotes are from The Vixen Manual by Karrine Steffans Chapter 13: Principles

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