Lynnette Joselly: Fashion Trend : Denim Outfits.

Fashion Trend : Denim Outfits.

Start your spring wardrobe with this 80s trend. Denim is not only for jeans,this fabric is being used for jackets, hats, shoes, and more. Denim is popular because it is durable, comfortable and versatile. Denim skirts and dresses are perfect for the spring and summer weather because it allows our body to cool off. Depending on the length of the skirt, this style can be appropriate for many different occasions. The colors varies from different hues of blue, pick the shade that you are most comfortable with.

Clothing Apparel

Jeans : loose fit boyfriend jeans or tight skinny jeans
Jean Jackets : paint splatters, detailed shoulder pads, or mixed with cotton sleeves
Denim shirts : button ups, chambray or worn denim
Denim Bag : shoulder straps, messenger bag,
Rompers: strapless, jumpsuits, chambray

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