Lynnette Joselly: Beauty Cheat Sheet: Party-Proof Your Curls

Beauty Cheat Sheet: Party-Proof Your Curls

Even the bounciest ringlets can drag on the dance floor. Our pro method will deliver the body and hold you need for an all-nighter.

1. Tresemmé celebrity stylist Mara Roszak suggests your prep first by blow-drying wet hair. Then mist a lightweight hair spray all over the top layers. Flip your head upside down to reach the bottom section.

2.Holding a curling iron vertically near your temple, clamp it to the 1-inch section of hair closest to your face, and rotate the barrel outward. Release after five seconds.

3. Immediately roll the just-curled section around your finger, and secure it to your scalp with a bobby pin. It's okay if it's messy or the end sticks out.

4. Repeat the above two steps with the next section of hair, but this time, twist the barrel toward your face. Alternating the direction of the curls prevents them from clumping together.

5. Keep going until you finish curling and pinning up all your hair, then apply another coat of the spray.

6. After five minutes, remove all the bobby pins, and rake your fingers through your hair to break up the curls. Once they're styled exactly the way you want them, spritz on a final layer of hair spray.

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