Lynnette Joselly: Street Chic ft. DeLaCruz

Street Chic ft. DeLaCruz

Hey gals! Meet DeLaCruz from Los Angeles, CA. She is known for breaking the rules in fashion! She has created her own online store (
Haute & Rebellious
) that started from a blog. She gets most of her inspiration from everyday street style with a combination of high fashion seen on the runway. "We want to empower women to wear fashion without having to care about what society thinks while giving them the confidence to rock what they think is fashionable while being rebellious. We want to push the envelope while helping our customer look glam, sexy, edgy, and haute."

Electric Dirty Orange Dress Shirt
What She Wore:
Taupe suede boots (Jeffrey Campbell), dark brown boho hat (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS), tan hobo/boho bag (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS) and a carrot orange chiffon pocket blouse (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS).

The Cutout Shoulder Blouse & Lace Shorts
What She Wore:
Eggshell cutout boots (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS), beige blazer w/ shoulder pads (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS), light pink sequin clutch (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS), beige lace shorts (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS) and an aquamarine chiffon blouse (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS).

Tribal Mystery
What She Wore:
A black maxi print dress (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS), dark brown boho floppy hat (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS) with silver accessories (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS).

I Am Rebellious In My Leopard Chiffon Pants
What She Wore:
Black dani shoes (Jessica Simpson), light yellow hat (H&M), bronze envelope clutch (HAUTE AND REBELLIOUS) and dark brown leopard chiffon pants (HAUTE & REBELLIOUS).

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  1. I love her style! I will definitely check out her online store