Lynnette Joselly: Dare to Bare Your Underarms!

Dare to Bare Your Underarms!

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It is summer time and that means tank tops, sleeveless shirts, bikinis and pretty much anything that we have to show off our under arms. So it is very important that we don't have dark pigmentation that will make our armpits look hairy and dirty! Don't worry, it is pretty normal for our armpits to be one shade darker than our skin tone, but follow the steps below on a daily basis to naturally lighten your underarms!

1. Use a loofah or a buff pad with soap and water to gently wash away any lint and/or deodorant. Getting rid of the buildup will definitely prevent dark underarms and bad odor as well. You don't want dirt to accumulate under there.

2. Even though waxing is better than shaving, if you have thin hair it is okay to shave your underarms just make sure the blade is clean. You will know the blade is overused once it starts pulling instead of cutting so dispose it. It is best to change the blade on a weekly basis. Using a dull razor will cause ugly bumps that don't heal well.

3. Make sure your armpits are completely dried off before adding deodorant so that it will absorb better. Everyone's skin is different so check to see if the chemicals in your deodorant are being the cause of dark skin marks.

4. You can use a bleach cream before bed to help lighten your skin tone. You don't want a really strong cream that will make you three shades lighter, just one that will help with scars.

5. Try not to wear such tight clothing that often since it may cause irritation in your underarms. If possible, use looser clothing that will not rub against your armpits while you are healing your underarms.

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