Lynnette Joselly: Embarrassing Beauty Disasters Solved

Embarrassing Beauty Disasters Solved

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LJ is here to help answer your most embarrassing beauty questions! We all go through some tough times such as sweat marks under the arms, acne breakouts, dark spots, razor bumps and so much more! I have found some solutions for these mortifying beauty problems that we are too embarrassed to ask others for help!

Question: How To Prevent Sweat Marks??
Answer: Both men and women have this problem where we sometimes get sweat marks under our arms and on our back. This is not a cute a look! To begin with, if your are going out during the day try wearing loose clothing since it will minimize the amount of sweat circulated around your body. Now if you are going out to dance the night away with some friends, I recommend you to wear darker clothing so if you do sweat it is less noticeable. If you really struggle with sweat marks use an antiperspirant to block your sweat glands.

Question: How To Clear Up Blackheads On Nose?
Answer: Our noses are the most oiliest part of our face and can easily get clogged up. Scrubbing with a benzyl peroxide face wash and the use of nose strips should pull them right out!

Question: How To Get Rid Of Rough Bumps In Your Bikini Area?
Answer: It is bikini season and you have a little blemish in THAT area.... yuh ohs! First and foremost, exfoliating with a loofah will gently get rid of dead skin cells. Use a body wash with salicylic acid and let set for a couple of minutes to help unclog your pores. And I personally prefer waxing versus shaving!

Question: How To Get Rid of Black Circles Under Your Eyes?
Answer: The skin beneath our eyes is very thin so using creams with antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Kinetin and Soy will help thicken the skin and hide blood vessels to make dark circles less visible. Get your beauty rest, eat well and use cucumber slices to reduce puffiness. As far as cosmetic solutions you can use concealer that matches your undertone to camouflage the dark under-eye circles.

Question: How To Cover A Big Hickey On Your Neck?
Answer: So you had a little fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend and ended up with a hickey mark. These black-and-blue marks will go away on their own but to help speed up the process you can rub and massage the area to help disperse the blood. Also, use a cream with Vitamin K to help reduce redness.

Hope I helped you all out ​on providing solutions for some of your biggest beauty blunders! Check out the Beauty tab for more tips and tricks!

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    This is the BEST thing to use for sweating! I use them daily during the summer. Personally, I wipe down after drying off after shower at approx. 6:30am and stay dry all day. By my 6pm workout, of course I sweat, but when it dries, instead of having that icky, dirty feel, my skin feels like someone wet it with water and I simply wipe it off. After my skin dries, it's as if I never sweat to begin with! This being my 2nd summer in NYC, I believe EVERYONE needs to use this. Nothing worse than feeling other people's icky, sweaty, damp arms touch me on a crowded subway. GAG!