Lynnette Joselly: Male Fashion: How To Style Denim Vest

Male Fashion: How To Style Denim Vest

The denim jacket is a classic piece in a man's wardrobe, however, the denim vest is the trend at the moment. The sleeveless jacket is now a fashion staple since it can be styled in so many ways. Only the stylish know how to wear the denim vest well for a rugged masculine look. It can be paired off with a t-shirt or long sleeved shirt, print patterns or solid colors, the options are endless. I have come across a few male bloggers that have perfect this look and wanted to share with you to spark some outfit ideas.

Peter Adrian of Sudarso Bros

Miko Carreon of Miko Carreon

David Guison of DG Manila

Lexicon of The Lex Vision

Marc Bueno of The Bueno Fashionisto

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