Lynnette Joselly: Male Fashion: Do's and Don'ts of Ties

Male Fashion: Do's and Don'ts of Ties

Well fellas, you might think that since a tie is only a small portion of your outfit that it's not all that important. Well that little piece of clothing can actually cause a fashion disaster if used incorrectly. The right kind of tie will definitely represent you well which is why I went ahead and put together some do's and don'ts on ties to avoid me calling the fashion police on you.

DO complement your tie to your current dress shirts and blazers and not the other way around. Certain fabrics, prints and textures should be paired with the correct top. In other words...

DO balance your outfit with the right contrast of the tie. Plain ties are paired with patterned dress shirts and printed ties are paired with plain colored dress shirts.

DON'T be cheap! Invest in a good tie for long wearing after washes. Printed or woven silk ties are well worth the extra investment.

DON'T wear an informal tie such as neon or cartoon faces to a business or formal occasion. You want to command respect in the work place so keep the funny business else where.

DO learn to knot ties properly because the knot type should suit the style of your shirt collar.

DO make sure that your tie is the proper length as the tip of the tie should reach to your belt.

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