Lynnette Joselly: Outfit Of The Day: Lime Green Trousers

Outfit Of The Day: Lime Green Trousers

I took a weekend trip to Houston, Texas to visit my primita. I thought I was going to come across a real cowboy but unfortunately I didn't. However, Texans really do wear cowboy boots all year long so I did see some cultural fashion. But you know me, I am a city girl so I most likely did stand out with my outfits. I went for a conservative yet modern look for church service on Sunday.

These lime green trousers were found at a thrift shop and I am obsessed with the color. The Texans bees were also obsessed with the pants being that I almost got stung while taking photos. Moving on to the styling, since the pants are bright enough I chose to pair the bottoms with a grey tank top, skinny black belt and beige shoes. I wrapped around a cheetah print scarf to cover my shoulders. I don't know what your thoughts are but I like my grandma thrifted outfit.

What I Wore: Grey Tank Top (Papaya Clothing), Leopard Print Scarf (Claire's), Lime Green High-Waist Trousers (Thrift Store), Beige Sandals (Aldo) and Grey Clutch (H&M).


  1. Very chic! I love the scarf!

  2. lovely look! gorgeous trousers!

  3. I want those pants! Love the neutral shoes and bag

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