Lynnette Joselly: Holy Cow, City Girl Goes Country

Holy Cow, City Girl Goes Country

As I mentioned in my previous post I took a weekend trip to Houston, Texas. In this blog post you can clearly see I am definitely a city girl in this country world. Although we do have some cow farms in Miami, I just had to take some pictures with the cows in Texas. Just seems like the country thing to do. We stopped in the middle of the street with hazard lights of course and took some quick photos in front of the cows. I am just wearing a fun girly print dress from Forever 21 for a lunch date at a place full of animal heads and cowboy boots.


  1. The romper is super cute! So is the bull dog, look at that face!

    1. lol thats my cousin's dog, they actually saved him from the pound.

  2. Its actually a dress, but everyone thinks its a romper. none the less thank you very much :)

  3. U are so beautiful I love all the pics;))

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